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Super One foods is a chain-based grocery supermarket with around 32 locations and 2700 employees according to 2021. It is located in different states and cities in the US.

Super One Foods was founded by Tony Miner and Ida Miner and its headquarters is in Hermantown, Minnesota of the US(near Duluth). It is famous for Groceries, specialty foods, and General Merchandise.


In the year of 1943, two people named Tony Miner and Ida Miner opened a tavern in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

By noticing that customers are leaving early to buy milk and bread in the nearby grocery stores, they have planned to include even milk and bread sales. This was the start of their grocery business where the tavern has changed to a small size grocery shop.

Later, they built their first grocery store in the late 1950s on the West Side of Grand Rapids, and in 1954, they changed the name of their grocery stores to Piggly Wiggly.

Tony Miner and Ida Miner opened their second grocery store in 1963 in Virginia, Minnesota, and the third one in Duluth’s Woodland neighborhood as they moved to Duluth in the 1960s. Soon after,  the third store in Duluth had become the headquarters as it was close to one of their major suppliers.

After their retirement in 1975, their son Jim Miner used to maintain their business and shortly became the president of the stores.

As these grocery stores were building a warehouse in Duluth, Jim Miner rebranded the store with the new name Super One. Since then, the store opened many other locations in different places and now it is successfully running with the chain of grocery stores.

Weekly Ads by Super One Foods

Weekly ads are the advertisements offered by the Super One Foods Company.  They can be online advertisements or offline advertisements where they advertise in pamphlets under the newspapers.

The Weekly ad is proposed by Super One Foods to save the customers money and offer them the items at very affordable prices and provides high-quality products.

Customers can go and see the previous week’s weekly ad preview to save more money.

In the Weekly ad pamphlet, the food items, beverages, and other grocery items are divided into different categories and are shown in the pamphlet so that the customer can easily go and search for what he or she needs.

Current Weekly Ad by Super One Foods

Current weekly ad by Super One Foods consists of items of different categories like the groceries category, fruits and vegetable category, meat and seafood category, and the household essentials category. 

They also offer meals and special meat dishes apart from providing groceries, vegetables, etc.

By visiting the official website of super one food, you can view the recent week’s weekly ad.

The link to the official website of Super One foods is

Weekly Ads Preview

For a customer, to get more savings he or she should be aware of recent weekly ads previews.

Before they start weekly ads, stores will release ad sneak peeks. Customers can find them online under the weekly ad page where they can see the number of advertisements offered and can pick one of them to see.

So the customers are suggested to get alerted by the weekly ad previews.

Working Hours

  • Store timings:6:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m
  • Service Counter: 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m

They promote education, health and the community by supporting different charitable causes and trusts. Some examples like the partnership with a local hospital foundation and raising more than $30,000  for the hospice house and selling $1 ornaments.

They provide different coupons like in-store coupons and  super coupons. There are different departments in the store like deli, meat, produce, and bakery.

As of 2022, they also have 10 liquor stores and smoke shops. According to 2015, their whole revenue is about 574 million US dollars.

Hopefully, this article on super one weekly ad was helpful and informative to you.

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