Fairplay Weekly Ad (7/26/23 – 8/1/23)

Fairplay Weekly Ad July 26 – Aug 1st 2023

About Fairplay Foods

Fairplay food store was established in 1975. It has been an unconventional grocery store since the beginning. Fairplay Foods mission has always been to provide outstanding, remarkable, and extraordinary customer service to its customers.

 Along with great customer service, they also have good quality food at great prices. They are a clique-based company always working on bettering itself and meeting the expectations of its customers.

History of Fairplay Food Store

Fairplay food was known as Halsted Foods back when it was started. It was already very successful in the meat section which gave them the hope of expanding its name to other areas as well.

Over the next following years, Fairplay Foods expanded its territory to the south of Chicago and then to other parts of Chicago. Now Fairplay Foods supermarkets have everything from fresh meat to seafood, deli and hot foods, bakery products, and other essential items.

Fairplay store near me

To find a Fairpay store near you go to its website and you will see a “Store locator” button there. Click on it and it will redirect you to a page and ask you to enter your city or postal code. It is that simple! It also lets you view the weekly ad for that particular store. If you don’t know what the Fairplay weekly ad, keep reading as it is explained ahead. Here is the link to Fairplay Food’s website:

Store Locator | Fairplay Foods

What is available at Fairplay Supermarket?

The Fairplay supermarket has all that you want. It has the freshest, hand-picked fruits and vegetables. From apples, bananas, strawberries, and oranges to cabbage, lettuce, and whatnot! It also offers freshly cut if you are short on time. Like the icing on the cake, it also has all types of organic products also.

The Fairplay Neighbourhood market bakery:

Fairplay market also has all kinds of baked goodies as well! The bakery department has the tastiest and freshest cakes, pies, donuts, and many more baked delicacies.

 Visit the Fairplay bakery to get a custom-made cake for your special occasions. It lets you decide how you want it to be. The flavor, the stuffing, toppings: Your wish is their command. It also offers a wide variety of cake designs which is sure to leave you stunned.

Deli and Hot foods at Fairplay foods:

Fairplay has a carefully curated selection of deli meat, and cheese. It has readymade deli sliced meat and cheese for the convenience of their customers.

It also offers deli platters made as per your specific requirements to get you covered for all your special occasions. Fairplay also has very famous sub-sandwiches which are made fresh to order. If you are tired or late from work, Fairplay has your back. Just

 pick up a fresh and hot ready to eat rotisserie chicken or fairplay’s famous grilled or fried chicken and you’re good to go. In addition to all these benefits, it also provides hot entrees, sides and instant meals for you to take home.

Keep in mind that hot foods are only available at certain stores of Fairplay. So it is advised to check the availability of hot foods in your area beforehand.

Meat and seafood at fairplay market:

The meat section at Fairplay market is a must visit. There is a reason why its meat is of high quality in comparison to their competitors. Fairplay has a huge selection of fresh and premium beef, pork, chicken, fish and shellfish.It has a butcher counter as well.

 The meat items are either freshly packed or sold fresh. Fairplay also has a top level sausage game, the sausages at the store are a must try. The butchers are very cooperative and are delighted to cut your order as per your choice.

The butchers are well enlightened on different types of cutting techniques. Fairplay can provide you with the tastiest ground beef one has ever eaten. It can meet all your requirements as well. Doesn’t matter if you’re making burgers or meatballs, the Fairplay meat section has your back. It also offers steaks, seasoned tacos, meat for fajitas and other lip smacking items.

On top of all that, Fairplay also has Certified Angus beef to its customers. This type of beef is of amazing quality and taste. Go to fairplay foods  website for more information on Angus beef.

Fairplay also has deliciously fresh fish. Its seafood section has a wide variety of fish and other types of seafood like crabs, shrimps or catfish. The items are chopped and packaged. Fairplay is also famous for its salmon fillets.

Grocery shopping at fairplay supermarket:

Fairplay grocery store obviously has a large selection of groceries. It has products in everyday grocery, dairy, household items, healthcare and selfcare. Fairplay has everything you need. It has all the big brands available as well but also offer local brands such as Best choice and Always Save. Rest assured that Everything Fairplay offers is only of the best quality and reasonable prices.

Fairplay locations:

In addition to traditional goods, Fairplay supermarkets in Chicago, Hickory Hills, Worth, Markham, and Oak Lawn, Illinois, provide a large selection of products, including a sizable selection of ethnic delicacies.

Delivery or pick up option

Fairplay provides its customers with a home delivery option. Head over to their website to check if your area is eligible for their delivery service. It also has a pick up option.

Frequently asked questions:

Is there a meat department at Fairplay?

Given that the meat department already had a very solid basis, the prospects for growth appeared to be very promising. Over the ensuing years, Fairplay added more Chicago venues, eventually extending to the south suburbs. They provide fresh meat and the freshest cuts.

Is sliced meat available in the Fairplay store?

Enjoy mouthwatering deli salads and freshly sliced meats and cheeses at FairPlay. For convenience, they provide pre-packaged deli slices of cheese and meat. For those special occasions, we provide a variety of deli trays designed to fit your unique requirements.

What are the timings of Fairplay supermarket?

The fairplay supermarket is open on all days from 7am to 10pm.

What is Fairplay’s weekly ad?

You can view discounts for a certain week in the online fairplay weekly ad. Online, in local publications, and in stores, you can find some advertisements. Be sure to keep an eye out for any new adverts offering big discounts. You’ll receive special deals, coupons, discount codes, financial guidance, and more.

How to view the Fairplay weekly circular?

View the advertisement by going to the Fairplay Foods website. To make sure you have the weekly offers advertisement in your neighbourhood, you can use this search tool to find a place close to you by zip code. Each page of an advertisement can be scrolled through, or if more than one view is provided, you can select a different one. On some, you can click a product to add it to your shopping list. Browse all of the pages to make sure you don’t miss any bargains.

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