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King Kullen is an American chain-based grocery store which is founded by Michael J. Cullen on 4th August 1930. King Kullen Supermarket’s headquarters is in Hauppauge, New York. This chain supermarket operates 32 locations with nearly 5000 employees and is not only a supermarket that sells bakery, dairy, meat, produce, seafood, snacks, and frozen food but is also a pharmacy.

It is the first modern chain supermarket in America that fulfills the five criteria that define a modern supermarket and they are separate departments, self-service, discount pricing, chain marketing, and volume dealing. Though there were some disputes regarding giving credit as America’s first supermarket, its cash-and-carry, huge self-service, large volume, one-stop outlet, and all-important parking lot made it America’s first modern supermarket.

The magazine named Supermarket News ranked King Kullen supermarkets 75 among the list of top 5 U.S and Canadian Food Retailers and Wholesalers.


Michael J. Cullen is the one who proposed the concept of the modern supermarket in King Kullen Supermarket. But before starting King Kullen Supermarket, Michael J. Cullen have written a 6-page letter to the branch manager of the Kroger Grocery and Baking Company which has maintained 94 small stores about his idea of a modern supermarket.

In that letter, he mentioned the key features of a modern supermarket that include self-service or semi-self-service and focusing on cash sales, low and affordable prices of items, a large store with a big spacious parking lot, and a 3-block building which is 40 feet wide.

He mentioned in the letter that, this type of modern supermarketing idea will make them achieve 10 times the profit and volume achieved by a normal supermarket. But his letter was left unanswered.

Later, he resigned from his previous job and moved to Long Island with his family. There, he took a vacant garage for a lease at Jamaica Avenue in Jamaica where he had started a new store King Kullen Supermarkets with the idea of modern supermarketing.

Within a few months, this supermarket had become very famous and people from far places also started visiting the supermarket. Soon after his death due to Appendectomy and peritonitis at the age of 52 in 1936, his grocery business was handed over to his wife and his sons James A Cullen and John B. Cullen.

In 1937, the store was improvised with more advanced features like shopping carts, air conditioning, conveyer belts, tile floors, automatically opening exterior doors and in-store music systems. Later, King Kullen purchased another chain of stores which are Suffolk county-based and then bought Hinsch Produce Co. In and introduced in-store bakeries.

Locations of King Kullen stores:

The following cities have King Kullen Cities

King Kullen Weekly Circular

Weekly circulars are like online advertisements or pamphlets that are released every week on the starting day of the week and they contain grocery items with very affordable rates and high-quality products.

In these weekly circulars, all the grocery items are divided into different categories and are shown in the pamphlet according to the sales offered.

King Kullen’s Current Weekly Circular

On the first page of the weekly circular, there are Shady Brook Farms Frozen Turkeys With Pop-Up Timer, Fresh Ham, Southern Yams, Pretty Lady Seedless Grapes, Green Gaint Vegetables, Galbani Mozzarella Cheese, Galbani Ricotta Cheese, Campbell’s

King Kullen locations near me

There are 29 locations on Long Island, in Nassau and Suffolk counties, These locations offer online grocery shopping with delivery and pickup. To know the nearer locations of King Kullen Supermarkets to you, just go to their official website and there, you can find the king Kullen store location near you in Google Maps.

Hopefully, the below article which is about King Kullen Supermarkets and their weekly circulars is useful and informative.

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