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Gerrity’s Supermarket Weekly Ads

Gerrity’s supermarket is a chain-based grocery store located in Pennsylvania. It has more than 9 stores in states like Bethlehem, Luzerne, Moosic, West Pittston, Meadow Ave, Clarks Summit, etc. It is open at 7:00 AM every day and closed at 9:00 PM. It is also open on holidays but the closing timings vary from store to store.

It is a family-owned company and has more than 1100 employees. It offers all types of items at affordable prices and with great quality.

Gerrity’s supermarket sells groceries, meat, household essentials, and a lot more. They also provide meals as a part of their programs for their customers which will be discussed below.

It conducts a wide variety of programs for customers to save their money while shopping at Gerrity’s store. These programs include weekly ads, dinner of the day, gift cards, coupons, gold clubs, and promotions.

The customer can find a wide variety of programs at the Gerrity’s store nearer to him or her. They can get a great deal on food, household groceries, etc.

The weekly ad is one of the best programs offered by the Gerrity store. Here is an article on Gerrity’s Weekly Ads.

Before diving into the main topic, let’s know about the Gerrity stores’ history.


In the year 1875, a person named Joseph Gerrity opened a small meat shop named Gerrity’s market which is located in the Bellevue section of west Scranton.

Thereafter, a person named Joseph Hoban built a partnership with William Gerrity. They both built two more shops and expanded their business. Later, to pursue other interests, Hoban sold his half of the business to Gerrity.

After Gerrity’s death, his three sons Joseph, William Jr, and Thomas have been looking after their father’s business. But after Thomas’s death, only Joseph Gerrity continued his family business and became the sole owner.

During Joseph Gerrity’s time, they used to deliver meat all over the country. Later, a delivery boy of their shop named Neal Fasula became a partner with Joseph Gerrity after Gerrity’s shop burned down.

After his retirement, Gerrity sold half of his business to Neal and the business was handed over to Fasula’s family.

The name of the store was not changed but the meat store became the supermarket. Then, Gerrity’s supermarket celebrated its grand reopening after the store’s remodeling in 1987.

Soon after the reopening, their stores were expanded in other regions with the help of Fasula’s mom, wife, and sisters. After Fasula’s death, the responsibility was taken by his wife and sons. Today, it is running with good staff and regulations.

About Gerrity’s Weekly Ad

Before going to know about Gerrity’s weekly ad, there is one more thing a customer needs to know about this store program. It is Gerrity’s member club.

By registering in the member club, a customer can be aware of the latest deals and promotions that are related to Gerrity’s store.

The Gerrity’s weekly ad offers the customers things and items at highly affordable prices and also ensures freshness and high quality of products.

 Under Gerrity’s weekly ad, grocery items and food items are divided into different categories based on their use and related offers with detailed information.

Gerrity releases a weekly ad poster by the start of the day that consists of different items in different sections. It is an online advertisement that is advertised by Gerrity’s supermarket that shows present deals and coupons.

The weekly ad advertisements are offered in regional newspapers in the store and offline too.

Gerrity’s Weekly Sales Ad

The sales ad of Gerrity’s stores is an online ad. It can show the customers about their savings for the week. It is a part of the weekly ad.

The customer can sign up for Gerrity’s complementary newsletter not to miss out on the current deals and weekly tips. By signing in for their complementary newsletter, a customer can get more cost savings, offers, promotions, tips to save, and vouchers.

Gerrity’s supermarket demographics:

According to  recent studies, the statistics and demographics of Gerrity’s supermarket are studied and analyzed. Here are some statements about Gerrity’s statistics and demographics.

  • Gerrity’s supermarket has 1250 employees among which 47 percent are women and 53 percent are men.
  • White is the most common ethnicity at Gerrity’s supermarket.
  • Among Gerrity’s employees, 10 percent are Hispanic or Latino and 8 percent are Black or African American.
  • The most common foreign language of Gerrity’s supermarket is Spanish.
  • Approximately, an average Gerrity employee can earn up to $30,095 per year and can stay with Gerrity’s company for about 4.4 years on average.
  • Based on multiple factors like ethnic background, gender identity, and skills of their workforce, the diversity score of Gerrity’s supermarket is 8.5.

Gerrity’s Weekly Ad Preview

For customers, to get more savings they should be aware of recent weekly ad previews.

Before they start weekly ads, stores will release ad sneak peeks. Customers can find them online under the weekly ad page where they can see the number of advertisements offered and can pick one of them to see.

So the customers are suggested to get alerted by the weekly ad previews.

Gerrity’s Locations near me

  • Gerrity’s valley farm market- 1880 Bethlehem, PA 18017


  • 100 Old Lackawanna Trail, Clarks Summit, PA 18411
  • (570)587-3800
  • 702 South Main Ave, Scranton, PA 18504
  • (570)342-7103
  • 320 Meadow Ave, Scranton, PA 18505
  • (570)961-9030
  • 4015 Birney Ave, Moosie, PA 18507
  • (570)963-7436
  • Keyser Avenue, Keyser Oak, PA 18508
  • (570)347-0393
  • Wyoming Ave, West Pittston, PA 18643
  • (570)654-3444
  • 2020 Wyoming Ave, Wyoming, PA 18644
  • (570)283-5555
  • 2280 Hanover Township, PA 18706
  • (570)735-1316
  • Union ST, Luzerne, PA 18709


Hopefully, you understood this article that is about Gerrity’s weekly ads and their history.

Will Gerrity Store remain open even on holidays?

Yes, Gerrity Store remains open even on holidays, but the timings differ from normal days.

Who is called Mom in Gerrity’s supermarket?

The wife of Neal Fasula, Joyce is called Mom in Gerrity’s supermarket.

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